The Param yogi, the Adi Guru – The Lord Of Yoga

Sometimes you may feel the world you live in isn’t the absolute truth. Somethings feel too incomplete to know the real happenings. Sometimes you may feel the human origin is not the reality within itself. This world is a mysterious, mystical, spectral and pre-natural fusion of energies, energies that are too subtle. Somethings exist beyond space and time. Somethings which have an origin much before we originated. Someone responsible for our origin as a whole. There is a secure, safe and untouchable order of this universe, having an esoteric and paranormal, unconfined and subtle, philosophical and cosmic element in it. How do we reach the truth? Is there a way this can be touched upon?



For knowing the truth we have to go way back in time. It was a time when India wasn’t called “INDIA” but as “Bharat Varsha”. The land south of the himalayas was referred by this name. The people back then were united by the virtue of just the one thing – Mukti(liberation). Everyone craved for mukti. How can this mukti be achieved? According to popular beliefs, this mukti comes after all the desires in this materialistic world of your are fulfilled. Even a simple dream of seeing a “grand-child” and dying before it may let you hover around in this unreal world of ours, craving for the last wish to be fulfilled. When a person dies an unnatural death (accidents, suicides) it’s believed that they roam around at the same place, regretting the decision, having pity on their fate and trying to communicate with the ones you had when you were a human. It’s like you can feel their being around, but you won’t be able to see them.

It is important here to know that “moksha” and “mukti” are not anything different. Some schools use the word Mukti and some chose the word Moksha but that doesn’t mean they are different. Some try to interpret them based on their understanding on the difference between those schools but those two words mean the same and can be put in place of the other. For instance : sālokya, sāmípya, sārūpya and sāyujya are called as Mokshas by some schools and Muktis by some schools (Shaiva and Vaishnava scriptures often refer them as “Muktis” instead of  “Mokshas” while some others refer them the other way.)


The yogic culture largely holds its manifestation from Shiva. Shiva in this culture is not merely known as GOD but as the first guru- The Adi-Guru. Apparently, what can be conferred from Shaiva scripts and Shiva Purana is he was the first yogi. Yoga as a sadhana or spiritual practice rests upon cultivating the Shiva consciousness of the highest awareness and bliss.He is an ideal forgoing force, both a breath taker and breath giver, all in one. One other story of his story. He is depicted as sitting in lotus pose on mount Kailas, in deep samadhi, unmoved by the events of the universe. His body is smeared with sacred ash. In his hair is the crescent moon symbolizing mystical vision and knowledge. The meandered serpent coiled around his neck symbolizes the mysterious kundalini energy which is instilled in all of us since time immemorial. The river Ganges cascades from the crown of his head symbolizing perpetual purification, which he bestows upon his devotees. He is throe-eyed or Trilochana as and this third eye is the eye of wisdom lying in the center of the forehead. He is often referred to as NeelKanth by people.

He is Yogeshwara, the lord of Yoga and Maheshwar – the God of GODS – lord of the five elements from which the universe is created – The GOD WE ALL LOVE – SHIVA.


The spreading of Yoga

It is believed that “rishis” were among the first ones to gain the knowledge of Yogism. Apparently, the first one to clinch this knowledge from the destroyer himself was his spouse- Maa Sati.  All yogic and tantric systems consider him as the first Guru.

Teaching Yoga to Maa Parvati

Intimacy is a formidable, dominant and top-level virtue of a healthy relationship. Apparently, intimacy was how Shiv first thought the sermons and physicality of Yoga.  The sutras of Yoga by Shiva are such that almost in every sutra , he calls her and as the resplendent one, the gracious one, the beautiful one. So this teaching materializes between two people with utmost intimacy. Intimacy should not be understood as sexual turn of events. It means there is no resistance; this person is absolutely open to whatever is being offered.

According to mythology, sitting on the bank of the river, Shiva was teaching Ma Parvati about yoga. No one was around except for a fish who was listening to their talks carefully. This fascinated Ma Parvati and she was beatific that a water animal was taking a keen interest in Yogic Philosophy and culture. Then she prayed Lord Shiva to transform the fish into a human, so as to communicate with him. This man was reborn as a human and is none other than Matsyendranath, the first of the Natha Yogis, famous in Yogic history. who propagated Hatha Yoga to his disciples. He was defined by a peculiar aasana following which he got this name.

This knowledge was eventually attained by us from Agama Sastras. From these teachings, came various traditions which still exist. One of them is the Nava-Nath Tradition founded by Matsyendranath, Gorakshnath and the seven other Gurus of theNath Tradition, which is still prevalent mostly in North India. Some consider Gorakshnath as an incarnation of Lord Shiva. In the South, it was the Siddha Agastiar or Agastya Muni, who disseminated this knowledge and created a lineage of Siddhas who specialized in Yoga, Tantra, Medicine, Astrology and other sciences. The tradition of 18 Siddhars is well known in South India.


Lord Shiva is an amalgam of something too much to be defined by mere finite characters. He is the endless form, within the form himself. The form within himself is what is worshiped by the people all around the globe and he is surrounded by insurmountable number of rituals around him. On the other hand, the Shiva described as formless is worshiped as the Siva Linga and is considered as the ultimate reality. Though formless is something which cannot be given a form, the oval shaped Shiva Linga is said to be the first form taken during creation. Lord, he is the master of all four yogas, his Bhakti towards Shakti, his  Jnan of the self and cosmos, his Raja meditations of rhythm and steps, and his Vishvishvkarma of drinking venom. He remains devoted to his own principle of divine creation, to his consort, and consequently, to us all.


He is the supreme knowledge of self, all our selves, and the whole extra-terrestrial self. You remain absorbed in trans-personal meditations for our growth. If this is not enough, finally, he neutralizes the wrongs committed by his children, this is his inevitable cosmic action.
Therefore, although he contains the whole universe, although he is the Supreme God, yet, he is a yogi too, remaining always absorbed in Godhood. Shiva is considered the supreme consciousness in which the play of fabrication happens in the form of Shakti herself. Shiva and Shakti are indivisible,indissoluble and inextricable, just as the creation cannot be separated from the designer.



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