Technology cannot replace manpower

Katex is a third generation 21118 humanoid robot. Joseph, his master was enjoying the sunshine outside while he called him.

“Katex, go and buy me some fruits from the market.”

2 hours had passed. Katex was still not home.Worried Joseph went to the grocery and saw Katex still standing there in the scorching heat.

“Here’s your fruits master”

What was the reason had he been standing there and didn’t return for hours even though he had bought the fruits?

Grammar and sentence formation of the master could be blamed to a bit for this. Albeit Joseph asked him to “buy him fruits”, he never asked him to “come back after that”. A robot agrees to whatever he is commanded, however illogical it may be. The trait of basic understanding comes from experience. What in inherited and nurtured from years of experience can only be downloaded into the software bearing the robot.

The following write -up will try to find an inter relational between the keywords – Technology and Manpower, try to find a linkage between the two and with a slight twist try to answer this question – Can technology really/n’t replace manpower?

First we’ll understand what MANPOWER as a whole means. Taking a broader perspective, manpower maybe judicial workforce, a voting population, teaching  manforce, a bunch of friends, soldiers and regiment leaders,a class of semi-skilled/skilled workforce, a group of ethical hackers, disaster management force, engineers with analytical and technical expertise, or a group of people who have vowed to change age-old practices.

We live in a democratic country, where judiciary is a separate body having power of maintaining law and order. Technology cannot be used to give final verdict or judgement for a boy who was involved in a rape case -it requires the discretion of the judges, analytical abilities of the law makers and ability to interpret the proofs to be able to announce the final verdict. However, technology can be used to classify and store the complaints online, which may reduce the complications and hence delay in finding old-lost files.

Similarly, robots in a country cannot be the voting population . We being a democracy , the citizens have the full fledged privilege to be able judge on themselves whom they think deserve to be in power. However, technology can make sure that free and fair elections are held, by using CCTV’s to have a watchful eye and hence takes actions against the malpractices being followed during elections.

In the economic sphere, the advent of industrial revolution saw the emerging capitalists society and production increasing manifold due to use of machines. But according to surveys, after reaching a saturation point, the middle class surges and restricts itself from growing further. Reason? Rising machine usage decreased jobs and hence the increase in the number of middle class population stops, thus reducing the purchasing power parity, surging demands, global slowdown and hence a disrupted economy. However, usage of automation increases the speed of production. There needs to be a balance between the two.

In social sphere, the coming the social networking sites gave an opportunity to the introverts hither to to connect to the people from the real life in the virtual world. Although virtually, it increased their confidence to interact with people. But Social media can only help you to “share memories”. Memories are actually built with a bunch of friends from college, from a trip in school or from a late night concert.

Technology cannot be used to change the mindset of the people who are not only reluctant to use the toilets built under Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, but also are reluctant to use technology for any purpose. But a nukkad natak by a bunch of people from the same society galvanize them to use it. However, recently coming of IEC(Information,Education,Communication through IT) has been stressed upon to fill the lacunae which cannot be filled by people.

In moral sphere of life, technology cannot decide if some work you need to do abide by the principles of morality or ethnicity. A robot will only do things he has been commanded to do. He won’t judge if it is correct or wrong. But a whole population can decide what is the best in terms of ethnicity. For example : Getting freedom for the country by overthrowing foreign power is ethical according to utilitarian principle, but a robot cannot judge this.

Technology can’t stop wars or freedoms. It can only be the leaders of the countries involved, who may sign MoU, treaties of consensus and instruments of accession that can end up wars. We require a man force to fight wars too – the soldiers. However, if your country has a better technology and the other country is technology deprived, you surely have an upperhand in the war.


Technology cannot replace teachers. The responsibility of the teacher is to make sure each student in his class gets what he has thought, and for that he even asks individual students. Teachers in a kindle school may teach kids manners, but this cannot be thought by bunch of computers.However, technology can be used to make the class more interactive and student -friendly.

Technology cannot stop the natural calamities. Apparently, even the human force cannot do it. But the mitigation process, evacuation and rescue operation requires a trained disaster management force. Also, recent rescue operation of late Lance Naik tells us how thermal radiation can be used to find detect a buried alive body beneath the snow. This is an example of how technology and man power compliment each other.

Technology cannot wholly be relied upon in an automation oriented manufacturing process. It always needs a technical expertise to run the machines. Engineers are employed for the same. These engineers cannot be replaced by the machines, and nor the vice-versa holds any water.

In security matters, technology can make sure to hold the database of each and every criminal present in the jail, or the database of people’s identity by  say  systems like Aadhar, but it surely cannot save itself from being undermined to cyber theft. It hence requires a bunch of ethical hackers to be able to dodge such practices.

Similarily, building a monument cannot wholly depend on machines. It requires various sanctions to be passed and has to go from bureaucratic hurdles against environmental clearances, labor laws and what not. All this requires – a human to sign the papers.

The underlying fact that remains subdued hither to is that technology is NOT ON ITS OWN. We, the humans are the reasons technology came to this planet. We often tend to forget that we the ones who brought this. It is the humans who operate it, humans who sell it, who market it and humans who profit from it.

It is necessary here to understand that technology isn’t something we need to GIVE-UP, only to go back to the mesolithic age. We need to avoid the overlap between humans and technology, try to strike a balance between the two, and look at jobs that requires the element of human behaviour- something technology can never replicate inspite of the claims.The qualities of empathy, compassion, intuity, courage, determination, will power, discretion and the most important of them – Emotional Intelligence – remains only with the humans.


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Philosophy Tuber

  • Fan of your writing style 😀 keep up! no critics from my side.. loved reading it 🙂

    • Thanx Toothless 🙂 Didn’t expect such a compliment 😛

      • it’s good not to expect and then get appreciation 😀 keep up !!

  • Shivam Sharma

    Amazing write up man.
    I liked right from the beginning till the end. The linguistic fallacy used in the opening paragraph was an innovative move, it did its purpose. Inclusive, smooth, and attractive. Keep writing.
    Critical observations:
    1. you took a broad meaning of “manpower”. Not sure about it. Man and Manpower are different. But because it is an abstract topic and need philosophical side as well. So can work as well.
    2. Include the work conscience! which I felt you are trying to convey but didn’t mention explicitly.

    Mera dekh k batana 🙂

  • nio

    very nice flow.. liked reading it… intro made me to continue furthur
    conclusion needed something more..

  • Kant

    Again… Joker at his best!
    – Catchy intro
    – very good and diverse examples
    – before the paragraph that starts with “We live in a democratic country” , mention that , “man has been using tech for long time but it cannot replace manpower fully”. this is your thesis statement which you are supporting throughout the essay. Absence of this statement before this para makes it abrupt.
    -nukkad natak – put in quotes and give english meaning
    -IEC – plz expand
    – does this sentence require restructuring: “The underlying fact that remains subdued hither to is that technology is NOT ON ITS OWN.”
    -Optimism is lacking in the conclusion which was evident in the intro

    Overall … as i said … Joker at his best 🙂

  • niti

    i just love to read your writing… was completely engaged..even i forgot that i was reviewing it and i read it again..
    i liked the conclusion the most..not because my conclusion was abrupt..bcoz it completely and very clearly represent ur thoughts and very soul of ur essay.. use of democracy and what i did not like was the use of one example per para…in my opinion essay para’s should be based on thought per para..
    rest i like it as a reader but i think it needs a little structuring for UPSC..

    • Hey Niti! Thanks for the review 🙂

      But I disagree with u. First = There is no thumb rule for essays in UPSC
      Second : I only used one example that too the intro 😀
      No other example has been used ma’am, they are all concepts 🙂

      • niti

        boss the word example means- war, teachers. democracy, natural calamities..I mean when I read it feels wow..but when I review..its the same thought repeated in each para..with different things..the examples I stated above…:)

      • kitna prachaar karti hai re tu bhi!!! 😛

        • hahaha 😀 promotion 😛

  • Tushar

    My few cents…

    Intro kept me compelled to read futher. Very catchy
    In democratic- separation of power, I feel juduciary and legislature are connected brilliantly but executive needs more clarity.

    In economic sphere, surely machines reduced jobs. But did it alone decreased purchasing power(parity need not be written)?
    I felt in social sphere and swacch bharat, it was more of connection between technology and man, than manpower.
    ‘Teachers in a kindle school…’ Needs more clarity on usage of ‘kindle’. And what is OCED?
    brilliant example of siachin
    I felt conclusion could have been more optimistic reflecting the intro
    Also histirical dimension would have been ‘sone pe suhaaga’ :p
    Overall it was a pleasure reading your essay, as always. Keep writing 🙂

    • Tushar bro 🙂

      Actually I was only saying ki Democracy is this way. My motive wasn’t to explain them at anytime.

      In the economic waala, I surely agree with u ki it is not the only thing responsible. But u know, I wanted to stick to the topic as much as possible 🙂 The para was intentionally kept short.

      in social sphere, if u look closely the para where I explained what manpower meant : I specified that according to me a “bunch of friend” or “a group of people who have vowed to change age-old practices” (connecting it to SBM)

      Yes I feel the same about conclusion, still working on it!

      Please give me the link for ur essay so I can review it 🙂

  • niti

    hey which approach do u support..example per para or idea per para??

  • the power

    greaaat mahan bhai!!……….hidi word ko angrezee main meaning b likh do………….bilkul ready ho mains k liye….thank u:):)

    • Bhai I’ll surely read urs kal ya parso. Be sure for my review 😀

  • Awesome bro! i dont know what to say and “how to criticize” you!!
    starting jo hai wo youtube video se hai na ek? mene same video dekhi jaisa tune example dia youtube par!!
    coming to the point, i think this is one of your best essay( actually phli baar tera technical essay dekha hai so) (Y)
    keep writing bro!! well done 🙂

    • Thanx bhai 🙂

      Nai yaar maine wo video nai dekhi :/

      Ye maine story padhi hai jo ki real life incident hai.

      I’ll review urs kal ko aaram se 😀

  • God one Joker, I liked the way you broadened the definition of manpower. In the beginning, you mentioned three-judiciary, executive and legislature but discussed only the judiciary, I was expecting that there would be a discussion on all aspects.
    Further, can’t the robots be tell which party to vote, I mean you can order him to vote for this part. Just a thought that cropped up in my mind
    Overall, I enjoyed reading your essay, I would advise you to make it a bit more engaging 🙂

    • Yes that was intentional. I actually included that line (the three different pillars) in the flow.

      Good idea! But they cannot vote based on their thinking. They can vote in place of their masters though.

      Aur ha bhai, thoda engaging banauga agle baar se 😀

  • Introduction is just awesome ……..

    1.For example : Getting freedom for the country by overthrowing foreign power is ethical according to utilitarian principle, but a robot cannot judge this… yaar.. ethics mei isse bhut jyada accha examples de sakte the , in case of robots…

    2. Everywhere u started , technology cannot , then what technology can … In my view , the para shud have been what technology can ( bcoz its optimistic ) then what technology cannot ( bcoz its the criticism ) , then what tech + manpower collaboration can .. See u done this in one of ur para – ” Also, recent rescue operation of late Lance Naik tells us how thermal radiation can be used to find detect a buried alive body beneath the snow. This is an example of how technology and man power compliment each other ” so my point is that every para shud end with an example of collaboration of tech + manpower

    3. Conclusion could have been much better( I am talking abt conclusion taking benchmark with your previous essays )

    Overall I always love reading ur essays … Keep writing and keep inspiring … 🙂 I have sent u a mail , do check and give ur comments on that .. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Joker bhai,
    till now this is your best piece, i have read so far
    unique in every sense
    u have covered such areas about which no one can even think whether it will come under manforce or not,
    throughout the essay u kept proving that duo complement each other, and that two by simultaneous dealing with the reasons why tech, cannot replace manpower, and how it can support man (this approach was really impressive and unique)
    no scope for critics, it s simply brilliant 🙂
    keep it up 🙂

  • Hi Serious,
    Everytime I read your essay, I get to self review mine. Missed the idea- complementary roles- in mine.
    It was a wonderful piece of write up. Broad range of issues were there. But, like i said last time too, that connection between paragraphs is missing to give it a perfect flow of ideas. That’ the only thing i can point out. Rest is simply perfect 🙂
    Keep writing and inspiring 🙂
    Have a look at mine too, as per your convenience.

  • Can i show my essay for review??