Will the Third World War be a Fight Between Terrorists and Nations?

Salem was a young boy, aged 17, from Kashmir. He wanted to be a software engineer, be a big man and hence support his father financially. He joined a University in Delhi, and while he was in the hostel, he was usually bullied by his fellow classmates who used to call him a “terrorist”,”traitor” and a “Pakistani”. Salem was baffled. Since childhood he had supported India in the cricket matches, and never thought of himself as a boy from the neighboring state. He was in depression as he wondered why he was called so. There was a kind of volcano ready to burst in his heart, because of the rage he had been nurturing within since days now.

One day he found an online forum which he found fascinating. It claimed of showing him a way of “Jannat”(heaven) if he followed their path of Jihad. Before his parents and the police could verify the suspicion rowing towards him, he had already left for Iraq. He had joined the ISIS.

Who are these terrorists? What do they want? Unfortunately till now, elite groupings like the United Nations has been unable to come up with a proper definition of the word “terrorism”. A terrorist is someone who is a betrayer to his own existence, a traitor to the word “humanity”. There are certain groups who in the name of religion do the work of brainwashing young minds, who hence become intolerant towards their own origin, the mere reason how they are born with, they turn against humans.

Be the terrorist activities in Mumbai, the twin tower in USA or the recent terror attacks in Paris, all of them have one thing in common, all of them are against humanity.Switch on TV or turn the pages of the newspaper, not even a single day goes when we don’t find some terrorist activity or the other. It lets us to think that is the next world war going to be fought between terrorist and the nations?

There are a lot of chances that this may turn a reality. The recent visits of our honorable PM to USA say joint statements from both the nations about their joint efforts to eradicate terrorism in all form. The troops sent by Russia for the removal of ISIS from Iraq and Syria, statements by Pakistan after pressure from USA to deform terrorist groups in Pakistan are the recent activities. Many bilateral agreements have been signed between countries, and UNGA are almost flooded with speeches from the elites about how they are taking steps to eradicate terrorism in all form. But what are those forms?

Countries like Pakistan have been known to flaunt their nuclear weapons and have been accused of not forming any barrier between the military and civil usage. This puts a big question mark on them if they are really gonna support a war, if any, if is fought between terrorist and nations. No wonder how most of vulnerable groups have been known to have their foundations in Pakistan. The cold war is no more prevalent between USA and Russia, but the clashes between them is well known, with Russia using China as a counter against the growing US influence on the world. So if these big powers have conflicts between, the question of fighting war against terrorism as a whole is always seen with suspicion.

Moroever, USA itself is accused of being the main reason behind the formation of groups like ISIS. According to a general definition,terrorism is defined as political violence in an asymmetrical conflict that is designed to induce terror and psychic fear (sometimes indiscriminate) through the violent victimization and destruction of noncombatant targets. To sum it up in simple words, a terrorist activity is something that causes deaths of individuals who donot possess weapon to counter against. By this definition, what will we say about massacres of the innocent in Afghanistan and Iraq by the troops from USA? Is it not inhuman? Isn’t the drone killing of thousands of innocents in Pakistan, or mass destruction of innocent homes in Syria by the Russian troops terrorism? Of course it is! So our definition of terrorism needs to be looked into. The assemblies and groupings all over the world need to come up with the good definition about what terrorism actually is first.

There are many factors that fuel these terrorist activities. Stereotyping is on of them.After the 9/11 attack on the twin tower, most of the Muslims in USA had to suffer from neglect and humiliation. Muslims had to leave USA in plenty, because they were regarded as terrorist. Why this stereotyping? Salem in the story above was a victim of this stereotyping. There is a preconceived notion about terrorist being from a particular religion is inhuman in itself. It is like compelling people to be terrorist. Terrorists have no religion. There is surely a need to check for this stereotyping, and let go of this notion.

The other factors to have a check on being online activities and suspicious migrations from countries to vulnerable nations. Most countries have took several steps for the same. Cyber cells, employing ethical hackers are a few. A check on online activities is a need of the hour as most of these groups are known for to be active online.

No country can be part of an initiative against the terrorism until and unless the countries let go off the differences between them. However, since most of the countries have been targets of few major attacks by terrorist groups, it stamps on the possibility that these countries may come together and work collectively to act against a common enemy.

The topic about a third world war against terrorism is surely a burning issue. But the thing is, aren’t we already fighting terrorism? Aren’t most of the people fighting terrorism everyday? Some people against them and some against being called terrorists. The way people have stood together on how they won’t break by these inhuman acts is surely commendable. But the foundation of these lies within our approach. Until we let go off these discrimination between people, unless all the people are seen as being equal, unless the superpowers around the world stop their domination over smaller nations for there own profits to maintain their hegemony, we cannot think of seeing terrorism eradicated.