Are the best things in this world for free?

Imagine the best things that you can think of, that can give happiness in your life. Best things are certainly “variables” in today’s world. No “thing” in the world can bring us permanent happiness. “Things” in this case have a materialistic aspect. For some, this thing may be a Mercedes-Benz, for some it may be turning into the CEO of his own firm, some may have this thing for the next Iphone to be launched in the market or any new electronic device. But are these materialistic things for free? No. You pay for it. By physical strength, mental strength, your time, perseverance and patience that helps you earn those bucks, increase your bank account till it looks like your phone number.

So what is it that the quote wants to say? Let’s take a small example to understand this.

Armaan, a young boy, had always aspired of being an IAS since he was in 8th standard. He was very determined to achieve his dreams. He worked hard, each passing day, making sure that no stone left unturned. He was dedicated through out this process. Although destiny had something else in store for him. While the results came, he was shattered. He had flunked in the first stage itself. Obviously anyone who had given the exam with such a vigour and passion would be depressed. When he couldn’t clear, he thought his parents would scold him and his best friends would taunt him. Of course they all were disappointed. But they knew this wasn’t how they should be reacting. What they did was something different. They hugged him, told him to not loose hope, be patient, that they were with him in his bad time, motivated him to stay strong, laughed with him, so that he forgets all his worries for the time being. That next time there won’t be no next time.

Let’s see what all things we get in life for free :

parents love

Love : This is most important thing that one gets in life for free. One doesn’t require a hefty bank balance to get this. The love you get from a fan who follows your blogs is enough for you to have a smile on your face. Love from your parents? They come without a price. It is something which is not swayed by selfish desires.

faith family

Family and friends : Good friends and a great family is the biggest asset in life. A supportive friend, a mother’s care, who is awake till you come back from the club you went to lying your mom, a father who earn’s only to fulfill your wishes are something we get in life for free.

dreams are free

Dreams : Dreams are something which can never cost you. You can dream of becoming a pilot, an astronaut,a sailor, a wrestler or even the Prime Minister of your country. Only those who dream are the ones who succeed in life. So dream whatever you wish, whenever you wish, no matter of tough it is, no matter how awkward it is to tell someone what you dream about. In the end it’s youR choice, and nobody can point out if it’s wrong.


Hope : When you have nothing to loose, you have hope. This is something you should never loose. Whenever your purpose is defeated, you hope for the best. If this isn’t how things go for you, prepare for the best and hope for the worst. But hope. It keeps you motivated. And it is the virtue of a winner in disguise.


Dedication: This is something which you won’t find at a grocery store for a few bucks. This is inherited from he environment you belong to. If you have passionate and dedicated people around you, you will feel motivated too. This would lead to your dedication.Simplifying it, it may even have been inherited from the human genetic evolution. You see, when you want to achieve something, you need to be dedicated enough to do that. The beauty of this is you have it in you already, just need to lighten it up.

Life : You got your life for free, isn’t it? Unfortunately, some get numb and depressed when they lose something materialistic in life, liked a failed job, a failed exam or maybe a failed relationship. They try to end this life. News nowadays are filled with stuff about how students commit suicide for pity issues. We must realize that this life is given by the almighty, the immovable, the infinite. Thinking of ending this life as a human, we must think of those stray dogs who have no idea when will get proper food. At least we are lucky we have a better life then them, ain’t it?

the best 5.jpg

We saw that even though most of the things pointed out above can be bought for free, yet the secondary things accompanying it can cost you. For example : The smile on your face after reading a fan mail costed you those kilos that you gained while sitting on the chair and thinking for hours what to frame. Similarly, the smile that you owe to your family and friends after you have achieved something is something money can never buy. Dreams are something which doesn’t cost you, but achieving your dreams sure does. Hope is for free, but to make sure that hope is achieved comes with the price. Get you dedication in place and move ahead to get the “materialistic things” you had longed for.

What I personally can conclude from the topic is that hardwork is the only path towards achieving happiness. Clearly, today’s world is driven by materialistic desires, but at the same time, forgetting the importance of things in life that you get for free should be cherished too. Had Armaan not got a support system in the form of his friends and family, he wouldn’t have hit back hard. The point being, a person must be able to cherish those moments, those strengths, those shooting stars, that they get for free. We often don’t value the things which we get for free. We need to, so as to bring out the best in us.