Answers and Spirituality

Whatever things that I am going to write about has had influence in my life and is a very simple and easy way to follow and utilize. I am going to talk about a truth- the truth that nobody specifically knows what’s really going to happen, that nobody knows what exactly is going on. That no religion has all the answers, that no way of life has all the answers, that no thought process has all the answers, that no emotional practice or austerity has all the answers, and this alone is a major tool and how we can shape our life for the better. 

The question obviously becomes why? Why is it so important that nobody knows what’s going on. Our whole life, we’ve been thought to follow rules, to do what our culture says, to do what our government says, to do what is expected, to follow whatever religion we are raised in – basically to do everything that’s already been planned because it is how it is,it’s the way it should be, and therefore we should be this way because everybody else says, and that, in reality, is a bunch of rubbish!

The fact of the matter is, this universe is absolutely insane. We have no reason as to why we’re here. Not only why we are here, but also what being here really means, what existence really means-what space-what the universe is! How a cell somehow replicated and created a complex life as we know it, as we are living in here right now after billion of years of the BIG BANG- what the BIG BANG start from? What was before the BIG BANG? These are all questions that we can never have answers to and therefore we can say that we know everything, that every way of life is right, that every practice will ever or has ever been correct.

A great example that I read about recently was that the reason why hippies or people that dress like hippies, wear face paints, tattoo themselves, do crazy things to their hair-the reason why they are looked so down upon in our societies is because they show how silly this “reality” is, you know, like we put on suits and ties and wear nice clothes and slick our hair back and shave our faces and put on makeup and therefore we are being a part of this world correctly. We are doing this all the “right” way, the “expected” way. And when somebody comes along who was completely different or has nothing in common with this way of living or this way of life – who has crazy amounts of eye shadow and paintings all over and maybe who are wearing giant neon jumpsuit- they kind of spit in the face of this “expected” reality. They let our subconscious and primal mind know that this is all nonsense, that our actions are acting as if “what we were” OR “where are we going to school” OR “what job we have”. We have this super cosmic reasoning-doing it the “just” way is how we attain a great life. Isn’t it kind of stupid?  We assume and cross our fingers and just hope something “good” will happen, and when we seen these punks, these outcasts, people who basically don’t fit into the norms of the society- they remind US on a subconscious level that we really don’t know what’s going on – we have no idea what’s going on, what’s right, what is or isn’t the ultimate truth and therefore, we all are kind of lost!

Now a lot of people might be scared not having the ultimate reality or not knowing what’s going on. And that makes sense you know – the unknown does create fear. You might be following Buddhism or Hinduism. Why do you follow these practices if in the back of your mind you don’t know if they are real or not-or if they serve any greater purpose. 

And that’s really what it comes down to with this ultimate realization of nobody knowing what the heck is going on- that it makes this whole life- a big guessing game- that we should have fun. Kind of like playing hide and seek – we’re looking places, we are finding things, we are looking for new things, we’re discovering- BUT, we should never be over-confidently obsessed and say ” this is the biggest discovery that and that’s all I needed ever”. 

That’s what spirituality is all about. It shows us that look – you may know a lot, you may even learn the things that make sense- that fit your perception of what life is. But you should never stop looking. Keep being curious and eventually, this unknown factor in life, this factor of uncertainty, which scares a lot of people, will turn into some more so like curiosity. It becomes FUN. We are less scared to go and play with colors on holi, and we become more excited than anything – because we know whatever we find is probably going to benefit us in someway or help us in some way we might not have discovered. 

Religion is the most fun, when we know we don’t need it. We are just a Big Banged Universal Universe, we’re just humans humaning and there’s no RIGHT way to live or WRONG way to live or a way we should or shouldn’t live. It is always about what we decide ourselves which works the BEST and what makes the most sense-which makes us wake up in the morning and enjoy this existence, love what’s going on and therefore continue with the TODAY of all 24 hours with intensive bliss and happiness. But what I actually mean by religion being the most fun when we know we don’t need it is that – If you can see that this is all just a BIG GAME, that there’s really no SET answer or SET finish line or SET place we’ll be going, that we really have no idea – well then you can take all this practices that exist throughout the world that many many ancient teachers and philosophers and gurus and priests have kind of used their time to discover – thinking up, implementing, putting their lives. You can take different aspects from all of these and apply them to your life and figure out what makes sense to you and have fun because of it.

So for me, it sometimes is like I really like absurdism and that the universe is all chaotic and insane and that we don’t know about what’s going on. There also comes into it is the feeling or thinking of what way can we live our life that reduces suffering and makes life happy and joyous. And that’s where BUDDHISM comes in with the four noble truth and eight fold paths that can liberate us, from suffering and then with that, well, how can I be graceful? How can i enjoy life? How can I practice in a way that makes sense to me? That’s where Hinduism comes in with, you know, just devoting time and love and passion to these deities with however you wish to see the universe, with however you wish to utilize universe.

It’s upto you, and these are all things you can decide… and enjoy and not just be scared by, but instead be excited by – when you see that really nobody knows what’s going on, nothing makes sense.

That’s what your day comes down to, you know. Go and learn about science, figure out what makes sense. Well I used to love studying cosmology and about black holes, about supernovas, about expanding universe, but then at the same time, I think is what if we didn’t know about these all? Would it even affect our day to the slightest? And therefore there are again things to learn that are fun about to keep in our brain. But I don’t think we should obsess over it. We should focus – what I think- is a cultivable lifestyle what works best for us – what makes us happy – what keeps us in a good emotional place and state of mind. 

Let’s just help people and help ourselves and love the universe- all of our existence from the all the way from a tree to as equal and unified and with time, we could create a utopian (hopefully) society. That’s just my view and hope you share that too. And again, that’s my view because I realized that – nothing is set in stone- that everything is flux, that existence is flux, this planet existing is a part of a wave of universal existence it won’t be here forever either.

Nobody knows what’s going on- we’re just ONE little species on this big rock called Earth. We don’t have all the answers, we just like to think we do- but we don’t. And if you can get over the fear that comes with that initially, and get into learning, new philosophies, new ways of life, and start embracing that unknown aspect of life- you will start loving the fact that you don’t know what’s going on. Everyday is a mystery- it’s like playing a video game and every day is a new level. Not scared of the level, you are infact excited to take part in it and see if you can get something done with it. 

What I have basically come down to is YOU CREATING YOUR OWN REALITY and realizing that you doing so isn’t something odd, outcasting type of an action. It is more of just you realizing the true nature of reality which is- for us as one species in a ball-that no one knows all the answers- no practices. Everything boils down to your perception and the way we want to live- the way we want to practice, or the way we want our day to end.