Happy New Year!

A mature person will feel a changed date doesn’t make any difference. But there is always a child within us who is happy to give up maturity for this one day of the year and enjoy!

For this start, let me ask you a question. In what you’ve done so far in life, has it given what you want? Are you satisfied with whatever you’ve achieved? Or are you dissatisfied with what you couldn’t achieve?

Are there times when you look towards your future and say “Hey, this is what I surely don’t want my child to think of me!”You look at your life. And if you feel you aren’t getting what you want, if you have something in you which is always boggling your mind confining you with thoughts that are demotivating, You need to wake up! You need to mend the ways you’ve been doing stuff! You need to know, that things now are to be done differently!

You know what most people do? Most people resist change. They want things to happen as they have been going on… Afraid to make amendments. Irrespective of whether those things have resulted in a dissatisfied and frustrated life of theirs. It doesn’t matter if they have become depressed and life has lost it’s charm. All they think of is try to pass this life, waiting for the end to come. Most people fight change as they think that that would be the worst they would be experiencing. Most people won’t step up to a thing that involves risk. They have all the tricks to divert their mind and make it understand that “change is bad”. Some people do want changes. But they fear. They feel they don’t have it in them to follow what they dream. We are not genius enough to do that. We don’t have an IQ worth it. There are a lot of other reasons for the same.

But you know what some people do? They fight these monotonous life. They know that they have every thing to loose. But still they try! They know leaving a job will make there life miserable! They know life is gonna haunt them, phone bills are gonna make them cry, girl friends are gonna dump them and most importantly, the people around pretending to be your “friends” are gonna make fun of you. Whenever you try to do something different, people are gonna make sure they pull you back to there level and beat you. They are gonna make sure, if they don’t achieve it, you don’t too. They will make sure you are demotivated. Most of the people who have no dreams will wake up every day only to talk you out of your dreams. They have no goals, there is nothing that they are ambitious about.

What do you need to do then? Sit there and listen to their crap? Sit there and think that they are correct? Sit there and THINK?


You need to create your own reality by choosing your future. And not only is it important for you to know your future, it’s important for you live in it! It is POSSIBLE for you to choose your future. Not only possible, but it’s NECESSARY! It’s necessary that you work on yourselves, that you develop yourselves! It’s necessary… That you move those energy and ambition drainers out of your life that don’t want anything but your failure!

People have made fun of you? People thought you can never top the class? People thought you can never shed those kilos of your body? People told you you’ll never excel in your start-up idea? Let them say it! You know why people say this? Coz they never had the courage to even think about what you think you WILL achieve! If you have the power mind set, you can do anything to achieve that, trust me you will! Who got the right to tell you that you can’t achieve it? Nobody. You know what your gut tells you to do, you know how it feels to do what you love doing, you know what it will take to be there. So do it! You thought of doing it the next day? Then don’t! Keep this celebration aside and work for yourself. You never know what this one day, one hour, one minute or even one second will cost do you?

Think of the biggest discourages of your life. They are not your biggest discourages. You are. You have been the one stopping yourself to push harder. You have been the one to give importance to what people say. You are the one that allowed them to let them shatter your dreams. Now that you know that it’s YOU who is stopping YOU from succeeding, you need to change the sides. Get the fuck out off that bed and work. Feeling cold today? Wake up in the morning and run. Cannot complete one chapter today? Open the book and work on two chapters. You never know how big your competitions are.

Finally, have you ever lost something in life? A call letter that never came, an exam that you never passed, the brokerage that you never got or the high jump that you could never complete in that competition? You have experienced failure aren’t you? Does that hit you hard? You know what will hit harder? When you wake up one day, work for winning over the thing you lost. When you win it…. that would be the biggest hit you got in life.

As Rocky Balboa said

“It ain’t about how hard you’re hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much can you take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!”


Philosophy Tuber

  • Brilliant!! And that Rocky Baboa quote in the end was like “sone pe suhaga”.Thankyou 🙂

  • So much motivating it is- with a brilliant flow 🙂
    Keep writing!

    • Thanks a ton Isha 🙂

      I appreciate u taking out time to read this!