Dreams which shouldn’t let India sleep


It’s early morning and local travellers are stringing up for tickets at the Gomti Nagar railway station in the Uttar Pradesh’s capital, Lucknow. Across the tracks, a different flock is gathering – each person on his own, separated by a bijou distance. These are amongst the 48% of Indians who do not have access to proper sanitation. Making their way from the houses below the flyovers, these are pavement dwellers with no proper housing facility as well, squatting beneath the few trees and bushes along the elevated railway line – defecating in the open. Not so surprisingly, this is what they call the morning ritual when the nature calls.

Dreams shouldn’t let India sleep, because albeit we have achieved a lot after the short span of independence, it isn’t enough to bring in inclusive growth and development of all the spheres in the country. The dream of seeing an independent country, by the myriad number of freedom fighters was fulfilled, but the dream of seeing a clean India : as thought of by Mahatma Gandhi : Still remains unfulfilled.

While India got independence, it was divided into a number of independent princely states. What we think of when we say INDIA wasn’t really this way back then. It was a vision – a dream of one leader – Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel which made India what it is today. If it weren’t for him, India’s one part would be in Pakistan and a lot many of them(the princely leaders) would have gained independence, hampering the sovereignty of India – which was more of an IDEA back then. Devoid of a fatherly figure after the death of Gandhi, it was he who marvelled at his organizing capacity and superhuman ability. The integration of 600 Princely States and the elimination of autocratic rule of the Maharajas and Nawabs will ever stand out as his unique and greatest achievement. He did it without bloodshed and in the short span of two years.

Was it not a miracle? To him rightly goes the credit of completely changing the map of India. Tribal raiders and Pakistani troops attacked Kashmir and tried to secure accession by force. He saw the writing on the wall. The Indian armies landed in Kashmir by air.  Clearly, the dream of Idea of India, took his dreams, and made him work hard for these dreams, to get fulfilled.

The Government Factor.

The Government of India dreams of seeing the people as becoming job benefactors, rather than job appellants. But little efforts have been made to provide finances to the poor till now. Dalits have to go through rigorous clearances to prove they are Dalits, which hurts their confidence. Lack of finance is also a main reason behind their misery.

Each of party which takes power in India thinks of utilizing the demographic dividend. This is imperative if we want to be a developed nation. But to utilize this demography, it makes little effort to skill them. Likewise, small efforts are made to improve the human capital. Recently there was a cut in the budget share for health and education. Can the dream of a fully skilled labor be fulfilled with budget cuts?

Admittedly, an able educated workforce is what we people dream of for our country. As a matter of fact, we even have a well educated workforce. But what’s the use of it if we cannot give them enough employment opportunities. Furthermore, lack of enabling environment for new start-up’s hither to has been a major impediment for the burgeoning educated youth, who move to other countries for better jobs and opportunities, and never return, a process dubbed Brain Drain.

Furthermore, the dream of seeing a developed country cannot be fulfilled if important bills continue to stay unpassed in one of the houses without coming to a consent to pass the bill. One of the most important bill the Goods and Services Tax is still pending in the Rajya Sabha. Adding to that, our country has been has always been kept under a “watchlist” by the US 301 report for the liberal Intellectual Property Rights regime. Slow work continues to thrive in this, making our country etiolated  to attract foreign investments.

We dream of a country where democracy has its meaning intact. One of the virtues of a good democracy is conducting of a free and fair elections. Now the condition in this regard is an unprecedented one. Booth capturing, liquor for votes, voting not with our intellect by driven by community voting practices, criminals going for elections and winning – this isn’t something what Gandhi would surely have dreamt of for the country. Laws are present, but loopholes, delays in judicial hearings against convicted offences, too much of money being spent(more than what Election commission allows) needs to be changed first.

In a similar way of events, security of our country has been experiencing a major setback, specially after events like the Mumbai Terror attacks and the recent Pathankot attack. Studies have further proven that there may be instances of “financial terror” too, and that may be executed by a group of online hackers eyeing the Indian market. Did Subhas Chandra Bose ever dream of a country which would have to experience a set back in these type of attacks, while he was busy forming the INA?

The “We” factor.

Likewise, we dream of a country which is inclusive of all the religious traditions, language, cast, creed and cultures. But still we give adequate air to controversies surrounding differences of opinions, religions differences and ethnic diversity. We even think that all the people live in harmony, accept the diversities and the environment be gnarly and gratifying. But we do little efforts to feed the poor who asks for food.There are still instances where a Hindu hesitates in eating in the home of a Muslim because he fears his religion doesn’t allow this and he may be punished to hell- dubbed cultural nationalism. Is this how harmonization can be brought about?

Furthermore, we dream of seeing a clean India. But never do we put our efforts to throw garbage in the dustbin, or differentiate between what is biodegradable and non-biodegradable. We wish India was pollution free but we neglect small things like switching off lights and fans and when no in use or turning off the engine when on the red light. We make little efforts to car pool or use metro at least on alternate days, and then we blame the government for making the city polluted.

Similarly,we all dream of a country which is corruption free,where the officials are not corrupt and the work that needs to be done by them doesn’t increase the extent of collusive corruption. What is collusive corruption? We give bribes to get the work done. So basically, we as a counterpart are equally responsible for the growth of the corrupt money – the parallel economy in this country. We dream of a country which is corruption free, but we don’t do our bit. No doubt the government needs to clear the air too, but the responsibility as a citizen is equally important.

“Wo khaate hai, kyunki hum khillate hai!”

                                                                          -(They take bribe because we give them!)

In addition to that, we dream of a country where men and women are treated equally before law. According to a recent McKinskey Report, the GDP of the country could see a boost by 60%, if the women involvement in the workforce increased manifold. But we still are struggling through the patriarchal mindset of the country. The child sex ratio has been registering a declining trend since Independence. A female is killed in the womb before being born. This isn’t how we can dream of being the largest economy in the world, right?

Is there a way forward?

Albeit so many of problems in the country, there have been major changes in both the Government factor and the WE factor to bring about changes – to fulfill the India of everyone’s dream. Government started the MUDRA yojana to give finance to the poor, and started Stand Up Start Up to provide opportunities for the educated youth to innovate, provided an enabling environment so as to increase job opportunities in the country- become job benefactors. Similarly, Skill India aims at imparting skill to the youth, along with placement opportunities. Criminalization of politics, code of conducts for various departments are for ethical and moral principled works in the democracy. India has also made remarkable achievement, increasing the budget for defense sector and focusing more on indigenous technology development under Make In India.

But the one thing that needs to change is the mindset. We people in the country, though tied in the knot of respect for each others religion, still we have communalism around, riots happening every day and people dying. We dream of a clean country, but we litter around blaming the government for it. We want corruption to end, still we depend on the  Rs. 100 note and not wear helmet while travelling. We worship Durga, but still we kill a girl before she is born. Can we be the change which we want to see? Can we fulfill the dream of the idea of India, which is clean, corruption free, harmonized and inclusive, waking up and working our bit for it?




Philosophy Tuber

  • Hi Nitish, I really liked it. Just one point, though – I think giving one para for Indian integration is not required. From that para, I am not able to entail any dream that needs to be fulfilled. Sardar Patel was successful in bringing out integration and there is nothing left. We dream of something only when it is unfulfilled, right?

    • Hey Abhimanyu. I actually didn’t get you. Are you saying that the whole passage doesn’t have dreams in it or one particular para?

    • Okay sorry friend I got you now. Yes I completely agree with you. By that para what I was trying to say is he worked hard (didn’t sleep/be passive) to bring about integration of the country. The government and the people should do the same for this, the way he did.

      I know that para seems a little beating around the bush. I’ll surely edit this one. Thank you friend 🙂

  • Hello Bhai, I think it is “dreams which should not let India sleep” rather the “Dreams shouldn’t let India sleep”. The “which” part is the one being asked in the essay, so change the title 🙂
    1)Couldn’t connect with the idea of Vallbabbhai integrating the India :/
    2)Dimensions are quite different but I guess you should have stressed on their importance to bring forth the point “why won’t they let India sleep?”
    3)Conclusion and intro were quite good
    Overall, I feel your special touch missing in this write up. What do you think about such essays where there is lot that we can write? should we focus more on presentation because everyone would be writing the same stuff?
    Please have a look at my essay too 🙂

    • Blunder mistake about the title. In the vallabhai patel : He dreamt unified India => Was active and not passive for it (no sleeping) => Achieved the dream.

      I guess presentation pe dhyan dena chahiye of course, coz sab same hi cheez likhenge. Dekhta tera 🙂

  • It as always pleasure reading ur essay….the way u write so lucidly and concisely without breaking the flow …
    Though it is hard as usual to give critical reviews on ur essay ,but here is what i feel regarding the content :1.You covered India’s security threats- external and internal both and foreign policy interests ,that’s good , including improving the social status of women .2.That historical context you mentioned in which the modern India was formed – the remarkable leadership Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel played in unifying different princely states to from a big nation as India is today- that fits nicely into the essence of the essay .3.sanitation, clean India ,corruption free political system and governance.

    However ,you may include some other points like
    — India’s dream to be leader in science ,space and technology with flourishing research culture .
    —poverty reduction by uplifting the mass from soci0-economic backwardness and improving the standard of living .(Though you have covered it indirectly through investment in human capital and education and employment opportunities) .
    —- a world class infrastructure , remote connectivity , modernized railway, smart cities and vibrant urban centres .
    –citizen centric governance with accountability and transparency , digital coverage ,financial inclusion .
    —A modernized farming and others..

  • Hello Serious,
    1. Intro (y)
    2. Vallabhai example- agree with palash
    3. I think u left it to the reader to think how the things u wrote abt will not let india sleep. If not, then i think u need to mention the same.
    4. flow was nice, short paras were plus points
    5. U touched upon multiple dimensions (y)
    yet not get swayed away explaining them
    6. Conclusion (y)
    Overall a good piece of write up.
    Keep writing and inspiring 🙂

    • Hey Isha. Thanx for the review. I purposely didn’t go by the “sleep” keyword coz honestly, the crux of this essay is only dreams.
      I don’t think we should focus too much on what the keywords mean literally, coz this is an easy essay topic and trying to form a connection would mess things up big time.

      Anyways, will improve 🙂

      • yeah, may be u are right. Sometimes we end up complicating things unnecessarily in the process of simplifying them. Otherwise yours was very close to perfect 🙂

  • Hello Joker 🙂
    Flow + Structure = very good !
    multi dimensional and engaging essay..
    Dream of Uniting India, others disagree but I could connect.. it actually was a dream come true only,seeing the hugely disintegrated India at that time.. so I won’t go against this example 😀
    overall very good !! conclusion (y)

  • hey nitish aka serious…
    a good blog from you, had good flow and a true blog in a sense that puts the heart out in writing.
    however with regard to a upsc essay there are some problems in my view ::
    you have mentioned a lot of things, which is good regarding covering the various dimensions point of view, but they need proper placing and integration.
    one correction i would like to point out that, sardar patel was not really in favour of integrating kashmir into indian union as thought by many, it was nehru who hailed from that region wanted into indian union. that was something else that he blundered subsequently by trusting world powers more and standing by idealism.
    plus idea of sardar patel vision did not gel with me much. he had vision, but somehow i did not connected with the iron man here. (again its my view)
    these views by me are only through a upsc lens
    u have good writing skills. i like that you always start with a little story.
    that sets you apart. but i know many are now trying to use it, so it may look cliche.
    but anyways good heart pouring man…
    looking forward to you reviewing my essay.. i havent put my heart out, but i have put upsc’s heart there. 😛
    here is the link

  • Dear Joker ji, 🙂
    My views:
    Intro”: achha (pertains to ur creativity not to the grim reality )scene create kiya especially the one relating to morning rituals.
    Menon Ji ko bhi thoda credit de do
    When i was reading your essay i was thinking is the topic of essay “be the change you want to see” and coincidently you said so in your conclusion.
    Actually in this topic we have to write that only, because it is we the people who make India a country, so the dreams of India cannot be realised without our personal contribution. So good to see that aspect in your essay (Y)
    Multidimensional , very good
    Conclusion: superb
    Overall it was not that boring 😛

  • Shivam Sharma

    last time review nahi kar paya. Sorry rhega.
    Haan toh iss essay ki baat karte hai.
    1. Feel is missing. Because.
    i) you started each and every problem on a flat note.
    2. Mistakes:
    i) independence? you used a positive word for balcanisation.
    ii) One leader- VBP. No doubt. But he wasn’t alone. JLN was the head of States Committee in Constitutional Assembly. So, it is not morally right. Choice of word!
    iii) Job creators? Support this argument. Indian government never gave an importance to entrepreneurship. It is never a part of Socialistic Regime. The first program of this kind was Self Employment to Educated and Unemployed Youth Program 1983 – 6th FYP.
    3. Continuity, was missing.
    i) You were talking about the Parliamentarians and all of a sudden you jumped on the US 301. Watched list! That is a work of Pharma Lobby of USA. Even China, Russia, India, all the countries are part of that only. And it is against the interest of our people. So, I missed the link between them.

    Sorry dada. Agar thoda jyada hua toh 😛
    Iss bar essay nahi likha maine, sirf key points likh kar chhod dia.

  • hi nitish 🙂
    1.gomti nagar mein nahi charbagh mein hai railway station..aur metro abi chali nahi vaha ki metro station kah k bach loge…distortion of fact in the very first line :p
    2.from clean India to integrated India…there was no connectivity apart from Gandhi’s name…but we need to connect ideas na
    3.put the ideas of govt part in a coherent way..people part was well written…i thoroughly enjoyed it..u wrote some very basic and general problems
    4.conclusion could have been optimistic
    keep writing such hat ke types of essay..i love ur essays

    • Bhai mai 4 saal raha hu Gomtinagar me… Aur ye subah waale karnaame wahi hote (Gomti me station hai beta :P)
      Actually I was covering dimensions in each para, and for connectivity I merely used the connectors.
      Will try to improve further 🙂

      One thing, shouldn’t we be writing general problems only as most of the examiners aren’t pro-GS stuff. A country’s normal citizen should know only general details and problems of the country, right?

      • yeah even i checked it on wiki..there is one sub urb railway station…for barabanki and kanpur trains..apna aana jana to charbagh se hi hai to lagta bas wahi ek hai.. :p
        yeah we should write general problems only..they reflect the true dream baki chand aur mars pe pahunchte hi rahenge…excess of GS is not ryt here in essay at least…that’s why i liked ur essay

  • kant

    Bhai, very nice!
    -flow is good
    – content is good, multidimensional
    – I have observed that you are using unnecessary words sometimes for ex bijou, etiolated, gnarly – their usage context is not right here; use simple words buddy, there are no extra marks for difficult words, on the contrary it may backfire if the usage is not to the context
    – Sardar Patel wala para – what is the dream you are focusing here? Idea of nation? then no need to explain only consolidation of princely states. Even Nehru, Gandhi, Ambedkar and others contributed to the idea of nation.
    – we follow IPR in line with our interests, US 301 list is in US’ interest
    -conclusion is good
    – overall essay was a good read.


    • Hey buddy. I don’t think those words are out of context. I use those words b’coz English literature teachers check the paper, and I have seen videos on YouTube which say an effective essay should have a good vocab (Personal opinion)

      Aah, yes, VBP many have said against. But I take a completely different stand for it. I just wanted to convey the idea of VBP. Taking names of every one wasn’t my idea.

      Ok agree with you with US 301 report. Thanks for the review 🙂

  • Hello Bhai!
    Intro is brilliant ! Different bhi hai thoda 🙂
    Flow is good as always, there are many things jinpe focus kia hai and justified too!
    Vallabh bhai patel wala example was awesome! #historical perspective done!!! 🙂 “Durga and girl” and a “Hindu hesitates in eating in the home of a Muslim” line will surely give you extra marks coz you havetouched sensitive issues without putting much emotions in it ya faltu ka ho-halla!! liked this!
    Conclusion was apt! (Y)
    In the end, will say only ki overall you’ve done very good BUT there is some improvement which can be done as economic aspect par tune bhi international angle( crude oil stability etc)se focus nhi kia! Ho skta hai you don’t agree with my points, but no worries! Essay was cool! Thanks 🙂

    • Ha bhai, your point is valid! Tune nai likha?

      • Na bhai! Not well! Food poisoning k symptoms hai, vomiting and all that crap! :/
        Abhi sirf tum logo ka review, next time likhunga pkka 🙂

  • You seem to be professional writer quite matured write up… keep enriching the literary world with your marvels…. Are you from Lucknow???

    • No Jaya, but I did my graduation from Lucknow. Have stayed in Gomtinagar for 4 years 🙂

      Are you from there?

      • No Nitish, I did my masters from LU and stayed in hostel for 2 years…

  • bhai ! knha ho the sunday feels incomplete wothout your word of wisdom.
    mahashivratri mubarak ho…knhi kullu(malana) to nhai gaye ho??
    ik nazar hamri is creation pe bhi daliye..aur btaaeeye knha kami rah gyi ise swarne me .
    har har mahdev !!

    • Bas mai padhta hu aapka, mai apna likh lu pehle.
      Har Har Mahadev _/_
      waise aap kaun? Shaktimann?