Don’t count your chickens before they hatch

What can be better than taking a lucid example to understand the proverb?I had to give my boards. I thought of studying “the next day”, this “next day” was actually never coming. My mother warned me “This way you’ll have to suffer while the exam is the next day”.

“I’ll manage”, I said.

Why is there a requirement to wait for the eggs to hatch before we count the chickens? In a literal sense, suppose you are a chicken dealer. Now if the eggs aren’t properly warmed, not a proper incubator provided for it to hatch, how will you earn in the end? So the proverb justifies, ain’t it? Let’s take different analogies to understand this.

Our mythological stories are filled with such examples. Ravan always thought the ball was in his court, he knew no one could kill him, specially because of the “blessing” he had received from Lord Shiva. He believed he would win over Rama, was over-confident and never knew how his opponent was. He had already counted his win, but couldn’t tackle Hanuman coming and putting “lanka” on fire, couldn’t compete with him, and neither had he any proper planning how will he defend the war against Lord Rama. Result? Ravana died in the end, thanks to his overconfidence!

We in our day to day life tend to conclude something without thinking of the “ways” this conclusion can be reached. For example, when I said “I’ll manage”, I always thought the end exam was a cake walk, I didn’t feel the necessity to go through a proper planning, may be a timetable, to make sure the final “chickens” (in this case, marks) may be obtained. The point being, how can we even expect this “chicken” when there was no “egg” (plan, timetable in this case) in the first place?

Our country can give us best examples where lack of proper planning has resulted in outcomes not necessarily in the government’s favor. Every five year plan, we focus on development and urbanization. We assume a target, but most of the target has never been achieved since independence. For example, we “assumed” that the socially and economically vulnerable strata (SC’s and ST’s) will come in par with the comparatively better counterparts if reservation was provided for a period of 10 years. But reservation still continues, and the SC’s and ST’s are more prone to discrimination than ever before. Why? Even though National/ State commissions were made, there was no proper implementation. So how can we assume them to come in par with others? Clearly, there was a lack of implementations even though the policies/bodies were in place.

Let’s take another example. Neeraj is a professional and has his daughter’s birthday this month. He had assumed that he’ll be giving a surprise to her on her birthday by gifting her a cycle. But he had no money. “I’ll do overtimes” he had thought. But random work stress, parties with friends and laziness to an extent that he didn’t even leave his bed were some things which hindered him from the overtimes. The result? Well the bicycle was never bought!

When USA’s SWAT team killed Osama Bin Laden, it became a buzz of the world. Did we hear any talks, press conferences, or chest thumping by the congress men before this “secret plan” was executed? No. Reason? Don’t count your chickens before it has hatched. Had the plan been leaked, may be there would have happened another state of terror in some part of the world, thanks to Osama.

Our politicians are known for this “chest-thumping” and “false claims” even when the planning is yet to start. Giving free electricity and water, free wifi to all and what not. These claims, in most of the cases are deceiving . A proper work on the planning by examining all the stakeholders and all the bottlenecks in place is how we can make sure that what claims our politicians make before forming the government. The point being, we need not boast about our plans if we don’t know how to execute them. Before Namami Gange was launched, there have been claims about cleaning the Ganga till the last decade. But Ganga is considered to be the worst form till the government left. Similarly,when the odd-even formula was called for, there had been no provisions about the NCR vehicles and about the two-wheelers. But before the plan was executed, there were claims about it excelling. How can we assume something to excel if the loopholes are still in place?

But we must understand that targets shouldn’t be interpreted as being a wrong move. There always needs to be a target to achieve something. But making sure the target is achieved we need to do the following :

Work till we succeed : If I had made my own timetable and worked on it accordingly, may be I would have achieved good marks in my boards.

Give up laziness : Need to be a topper? Live in your dreams. And work on them until it’s fulfilled. Dreams aren’t what we see when we sleep, they are something which makes you work hard till you achieve it.

Proper mental planning : Planning is the basic step, a stepping stone towards success. Make sure that your mind is cool and a proper planning is in place.

No chest-thumping before you succeed : Whenever you have to work for someone’s good, claiming that you would succeed before thinking about the hurdles, is like being over-confident. A person who is over-confident about his success can never succeed in real life. I was over-confident in my boards, and I couldn’t perform well.

Counting on chickens before the eggs hatch will always lead to disappointment. There is a thin line between being “confident” and being “overconfident”. Following the steps mentioned above are sure shots to success. Calm mind, with proper planning, ability to tackle hurdles can always lead to success. Had Neeraj above made sure to give us his laziness and had properly worked on his “target”, may be we would have heard an altogether different story.We always need to have a strong will and a proper lay down of plan that needs to executed. It’s time you give up laziness, wake up from the horizon, and shine like a diamond in the sky, CONFIDENTLY.

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