If development is not engendered, it is endangered

The place is Kundli, a small industrial area at the Delhi-Haryana border. While cycling to the shoe-making industry just the 2 km away from the chaul she lived in, Hasina remembered that her daughter Noor had asked for the crayons while coming back from work. The school her daughter went to was the same that every child in her chaul went to. It’s wonderful how time had changed. Some years back her family along with the most in the locality had so less of the purchasing power, that even providing proper education for their children wasn’t possible. It was only after the industries started setting up in the Tier-2/3 cities that men from the nearby locality started to get skilled and earn their living by getting the job. But was it enough? Was only a working male enough for the family?

Apparently, the initial NO’s equivocally by all the men in the locality had started to turn into affirmations after the one women-Hasina, fought her husband to join as a worker in the shoe-making industry. It was when her daughter Noor had started to go to school that people realized that women empowerment was real, that a women could equally be useful in improving the living condition of the family.

Development needs to be engendered, because if it’s not, it endangers. What exactly is the development that we are talking about here? Growth and Development, while being assumed as synonyms, have a difference. Development can be as small as building a toilet in the home where people have to go out to defecate, to as big as being the CEO of a start-up which adds to GDP of the country, along with increasing job opportunities for the people. Development can be a change at social level, at the economic level, the political level, and can even influence the environmental development and preservation.

But the thing is, in a patriarchal society of ours, it is a preconceived notion that while the building of toilets has always been a MAN’S job, being built only when the male member felt so, the neo-liberal-capitalistic society also presumes women to maybe just be an employee in the start-up, surely not the CEO herself!

Examples from the everyday society are the testimony to the fact that when a women takes over or voices her opinion, changes, changes that are for the good take place. An interesting piece that covered the print and electronic media in the recent time was a married women who disagreed to come back to his husband’s house because he wasn’t getting the toilet built. It was only after the husband built the toilet under Swacch Bharat Abhiyan that his wife came back to him. This small incident went viral and many such instances influenced by this came into being.

ASHA workers and Anganwadis in the villages have been the single most influential step in making women realize their potential, that has been a major factor in influencing women to not merely be a child-producing machine. A study on Effectiveness of “ASHA INCENTIVE” on enhancing the functioning of ASHA in motivating couples having two or less children to undergo permanent sterilization shows contribution of ASHAs towards achievements in female sterilization shows that maximum motivation was done by ASHAs. Similarly, Anganwadi workers have played a very important in providing antenatal health facilities.  In addition to this they provide post-natal care to nursing mothers. All this has had its impact in even small and underdeveloped states like Jharkhand, where IMR was the least among all the states in the country.

This engendered development was not a phenomenon back when we were fighting our war of independence. Post Independence or rather Post cold war where countries were coming together, the feminist movement around the world was on a rise. The nexus of women and (economic) development was only started after Women in Development movements gained momentum. The idea was women’s disadvantages in society may be eliminated by breaking down customary expectations of women by offering better education to women and introducing equal opportunity programmes. Thanks to these feminist movements, gender equality has been a thing in our society. Women continue to realize their potential and are becoming lawyers and doctors contributing their bit in development.

Gender equality has had its influence on environment too. It was only when the Chipko movement in Gharwal started that prevented the large amount of deforestation while the women hugged the tree and tied rakhi around them. Women have played equal roles as in accordance with men in the tribal societies. They have played major role in conservation using sacred groves. The Donariya tribe of Orissa who fought against the corporates for their forest rights. Not only within our country, but internationally too in the countries like Ghana, women have started what is called the Ghana Bamboo bikes which provides incentives to women who want to build and use high-quality bamboo bikes, minimizing their carbon footprint.

Political development in past was more or less confined to the male members of the society. Right from the Vedic times where sabhas and samitis had forbidden involvement of women in the gatherings, their role played in the higher machinery was limited. Even in the medieval times, apart from Raziya being a sultan right after Iltutmish before being thrown off from the crown just because she was a women in front of who nobels refused to keep their heads down, we find barely other examples.

But it was only with the involvement of women in the French Revolution that equality found its true meaning. It was only their involvement in the American Revolution that the war for freedom became strong. In the Indian war of Independence, the role played by Annie Besant, Sarojini Naidu and likes cannot be ignored. Thanks to the role played by the women from the society who were hitherto confined to the four walls of house, that the Dandi March against salt tax and Non-cooperation movement came so strong. Clearly, a major political development with including 33%-50% reserved seats for women in local bodies wouldn’t be possible if the clamor of women wasn’t heard.

We saw how social, economic, environmental and political development has been influenced and nurtured in the past by an active gender equality through the changing and evolving history. But their are still certain problems associated which becomes a hindrance in realizing the full potential of this “engenderment”. Women continue to be repressed and objectified in the social order. Patriarchy, although lessened, is still prevalent. The age old concept of women not being physically compatible to men is a lie that has been repeated since centuries to become a truth – atleast in the minds of the people who still consider women inferior. Women have lost jobs. Politically, women are becoming nothing more than mere tokens/proxies who fight elections on behalf of their influential male counter part.

Things need to change. Women In Development(WID) movements all around the world is an evergrowing. Women are becoming aware like never before. Reports have shown that 50% involvement of women in economy is a necessity is economic development has to flourish more. Women like Angela Merkel are becoming Times Person of the Year. All this shows that the world is changing. The change is happening for good.

If development is not engendered, it may endanger, because when a women gets involved, it makes sure a toilet is built and the whole family is prevented from the disease that open defecation may cause. Development needs to be engendered, because if it wasn’t for both the genders coming forward, we wouldn’t have the Forest rights Act in this country. Development needs to be engendered, because it is only a women who can make sure a women gets involved in family planning. Women like Hasina is what we call real engendered development. While coming back from work, Hasina bought the crayons Noor had asked for, who was waiting for her mother with glittering eyes. This glitter is a hope for a good future to be.




What’s the Kashmir issue?

Okay so plebiscite is the solution for Kashmir : that’s the argument that almost every Kashmiri Muslim out there, supporting the Hizb-ul -Mujahideen gang is upto. My sympathies with the people who have been through atrocities in the valley. It’s quite obvious that there were some flaws from the Indian Army side too, the level of atrocities, killings and officials not answerable for their acts thanks to the AFSPA in the state.
Going back to history and thinking “rationally”, we’ll have to look at what happened initially. AFSPA or Kashmiri pundits being killed?
On Jan, 04, 1990, a local Urdu newspaper, Aftab, published a press release issued by Hizb-ul-Mujahideen, asking all Pandits to leave the Valley immediately. These warnings were followed by Kalashnikov-wielding masked Jehadis carrying out military-type marches openly. Reports of killing of Kashmiri Pandits continued to pour in. Bomb explosions and sporadic firing by militants became a daily occurrence.

Explosive and inflammatory speeches being broadcast from the public address systems of the mosques became frequent. Thousands of audio cassettes, carrying similar propaganda, were played at numerous places in the Valley, in order to instill fear into the already terrified Kashmiri Pandit community. Recalling these events, the former Director General of Jammu and Kashmir Police, Shri M M Khajooria says, “The mischief of the summer of 1989 started with serving notice to the prominent members of the minority community to quit Kashmir.

The letter said,

We order you to leave Kashmir immediately, otherwise your children will be harmed- we are not scaring you but this land is only for Muslims, and is the land of Allah. Sikhs and Hindus cannot stay here’.
The threatening note ended with a warning, ‘If you do not obey, we will start with your children. Kashmir Liberation, Zindabad.
These slogans, broadcast from the loud speakers of every mosque, numbering roughly 1100.They signaled the implementation of their intentions quite blatantly. M. L. Bhan of Khonmoh, Srinagar, a government employee, was killed on Jan 15, 1990. Baldev Raj Dutta, an operator in Lal chowk, Srinagar, was kidnapped on the same day. His dead body was found four days later, on Jan 19, 1990, at Nai Sarak, Srinagar.The body bore tell-tale marks of brutal torture.Night of Jan, 19, 1990As the night fell, the microscopic community became panic-stricken when the Valley began reverberating with the war-cries of Islamists, who had stage-managed the whole event with great care; choosing its timing and the slogans to be used. A host of highly provocative, communal and threatening slogans, interspersed with martial songs, incited the Muslims to come out on the streets and break the chains of ‘slavery’. These exhortations urged the faithful to give a final push to the Kafir in order to ring in the true Islamic order. These slogans were mixed with precise and unambiguous threats to Pandits.They were presented with three choices — Ralive, Tsaliv ya Galive (convert to Islam, leave the place or prish). Tens of thousands of Kashmiri Muslims poured into the streets of the Valley, shouting  ‘death to India’ and death to Kafirs.

All male Muslims, including their children and the aged, wanted to be seen to be participating in this Jehad. Those who had organized such a show of force in the middle of a cold winter night, had only one objective; to put the fear of death into the hearts of the already frightened Pandits.

Most of the Kashmiri Muslims behaved as if they did not know who the Pandits were.
For the first time after independence of India from the British rule, Kashmiri Pandits found themselves abandoned to their fate, stranded in their own homes, encircled by rampaging mobs.Through the frenzied shouts and blood-curdling sloganeering of the assembled mobs, Pandits saw the true face of intolerant and radical Islam.The “very sage” (pure sarcasm) Central Government was caught napping and its agencies in the State, particularly the army and other para military forces, did not consider it necessary to intervene, in the absence of any orders. The State Government had been so extensively subverted that the skeleton staff of the administration at Srinagar (the winter capital of the State had shifted to Jammu in November 1989) decided not to confront the huge mobs. Delhi was too far away, anyway.Hundreds of Kashmiri Pandits phoned everyone in authority at Jammu, Srinagar and Delhi, to save them from the sure catastrophe that awaited them. The pleadings for help were incessant. But not a soldier came to their rescue. Therefore, Kashmiri Pandits found best protection in huddling together indoors, frozen with fear, praying for the night to pass.The Pandits could see the writing on the wall. If they were lucky enough to see the night through, they would have to vacate the place before they met the same fate as Tikka Lal Taploo and many others.  By morning, it became apparent to Pandits that Kashmiri Muslims had decided to throw them out from the Valley. Broadcasting vicious Jehadi sermons and revolutionary songs, interspersed with blood curdling shouts and shrieks, threatening Kashmiri Pandits with dire consequences, became a routine ‘Mantra’ of the Muslims of the Valley, to force them to flee from Kashmir.

Some of the slogans used were:
“Zalimo, O Kafiro, Kashmir harmara chod do”.
(O! Merciless, O! Kafirs leave our Kashmir)
“Kashmir mein agar rehna hai, Allah-ho-Akbar kahna hoga”
(Any one wanting to live in Kashmir will have to convert to Islam)

In the words of Kashmiri Pundit Sahil Chatta on what does he feel about Kashmiri freedom movement, he says :

Kashmiri Pandits consider it to be unjust and misguided.

The Kashmiri freedom movement rests on the pillars of exclusivity that stems from an almost fanatic intolerance to anyone who opposes it. The Kashmiri Pandits were seen as pro India and hence forced to leave. Any Indian support in the valley is quelled either by killing those who do or by propaganda that seeks to demonize the entire Indian establishment and glorify an imaginary sense of self gratification of Kashmiri society and its values. This creates a domino effect that prevents the Kashmiri society from moving on.

There are incidents that make us sad too. The desecrated temples, burnt houses and gradual removal of traces of our identity that were once a constituent of the Kashmiri identity.

Calling Hari Parbat as Koh-e-Maran, stone pelting at pilgrims to Tulmul, refusing to accept and respect Hindu culture and ancestry and terming it as savage and inferior, this is how most Kashmiri Pandits see Kashmir as.

I am sympathetic to the suffering of Kashmiri Muslims living in the valley and strongly condemn all events that are a cause of it, but the general opinion among Pandits is that they have brought this upon themselves.

Personally, I treasure my Kashmiri identity and donning it as a national one seems like a romanticized idea. However, a reality check is brought about by a thought of living in a place where people are so gullible, orthodox and hypocritical that I surely will have to fight every day for my social, cultural rights, and the right to dissent without being killed by a militant group or being branded a Mukhbir or a Kaffir.

I don’t want to live in an Islamic Republic of Kashmir and Kashmir is more than the jagir of one religion. I want people to judge me by the deeds I do, not the religion I follow.

Indian society, no matter how many flaws it has and challenges it faces, assures me that.

To wrap it up, no Kashmiri Pandit can support the freedom movement of Kashmir.

So for the Hizbul sympathizers, he is a proclaimed “freedom fighter” for their people, about how “plebiscite” was offered to them by Nehru and he never reverted back to him promise. What we understand from accounts and incident above is the much asked “plebiscite” was actually offered to the whole state of Jammu and Kashmir. This Jammu and Kashmir consisted of the illegally occupied POK too. The thing is why wasn’t the plebiscite conducted.

Till now what we talked about was an aftermath of 1990. Let’s take a rational picture. Going back to 1947. When the instrument of accession was signed by Raja Hari Singh, the people of J&K told that he wasn’t actually their representative, more because they had a kind of a “revolt” against the king. Moroever, a chunk of the Muslim population from the valley (who were apparently converted Hindus, infact most of the Muslims you’ll find in the valley fighting for the independence of Kashmir are converted Muslims), who because of the proximity to Pakistan and also having close ties with similar culture went on to declare that when plebiscite happens irrespective of what has followed thanks to the instrument of accession, they’ll opt for Pakistan.

Kashmir’s Pro Pakistan sentiment starts gaining moment while India was seen as ‘unwanted guest brought in by tyrannical ruler’. In 1950’s Pro Pakistan sentiment in Kashmir was immense. Kashmir had changed their clocks according to Pakistani time to express their deep love and desire for Pakistan. They even told their grandchildren to come to their grave and announce it the day when Kashmir merges with Pakistan. All this made India hesitant to conduct a plebiscite.

1987 elections – The turning point → Kashmiris opted for a “constitutional” way for their right to self determination. The political party which had an agenda of plebiscite was winning. However India rigged elections in Kashmir. This is called by some as most darkest nights in history of democracy. Further instead of apologizing, India started a crackdown on protesters and the leaders of that party. They were tortured, imprisoned and what not.Between 1987 to 1989 entire Kashmir was burning with rage. This pushed Kashmiris who had earlier asked plebiscite in constitutional way to wall and gave Pakistan a golden chance to sponsor cross border armed rebellion. Kashmiris are responsible too as they reacted in a violent way after this.

As Gandhi says, “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind”

What we need to understand here is though we have sympathies for the Kashmiri Muslims who die on a daily basis because of the AFPSA enacted, but we also have our INDIAN ARMY losing some of its best soldiers too. I mean, it takes two to clap with one hand.

First thing first, even if you want a plebiscite, include the whole of Jammu and Kashmir. Give two options, either to join Indian Union or Pakistan. Again, this plebiscite should be conducted only after the displaced Kashmiri Pundits (3-4 lac in number) along with the whole of Jammu and the POK, with an independent organisation, without rigging and the armies from both the countries taking a back seat. Will the Kashmiris opt for this? NO – NEVER! Why???

POK is not happy joining/being a part of Pakistan. If you think they are and are a Kashmiri sympathizer, I pity you and want you to look at this :

Truth of freedom in PoK (“Azad Kashmir”)

People of PoK oppose Pakistan’s illegal occupation of their homeland

This is where our enemy – the great hypocrisy comes. People in Kashmir think that this thing can be solved “democratically” by allowing a referendum, but what about a chunk of the population which was displaced from Kashmir just for personal gains. What about the people there who instead of learning from UPSC rankers 1 and 2 from the very own valley of Kashmir go on to support a terrorist organisation like “Hizbul Mujahideen”? For the ignorants, who’ll call them an “armed rebel group”, here’s the link about how USA accepts them a terrorist organisation.

: http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/45313.pdf

Any person who joins this organisation is a threat to the world community. Pakistan based terrorism groups have killed a lot of common Indian folks including Kashmiris. No history can justify those killings. A political problem requires a political solution and this does not involve going and joining a Pakistan supported terror group.

So what’s the solution?  Let’s see the practical aspects:

  1. An independent state of J&K would never be left alone by the powers around it. The present condition of the state is way better than any of the adjoining regions. Becoming another Afghanistan is not in the best interests of the more tolerant Kashmiri ethos. The people of the state find it much more safer as a part of India than a part of Pakistan or any of the adjoining countries.
  2. Besides the Muslim population, the state also has a large Hindu and Buddhist population. In case of an occupation by Pakistan, those populations would be decimated – similar to what happened in Sindh and Pakistani Punjab in 1947. The wholescale extermination of people is completely unacceptable.

In short, India has a strong moral ground and both Kashmiris and the rest of India find it comfortable with the present status quo. It is also fairly clear from our past experience that India leaving the state would cause more harm to the locals [especially Hindus and Buddhists and to some extent the Kashmiri Muslims as well] than India managing it. Yes, Indian government  has a lot to do for both Kashmiris and rest of Indians – from uninterrupted power to eliminating poverty – but those are socioeconomic issues not geopolitical ones.

In my opinion further, the solution doesn’t lie in giving it back to them. Partition in 1947 happened on religious lines. Partition again on the basis of religion (you cannot deny the fact that the chunk of Muslims and not all of them, who want to secede to Pakistan is because they are close to their religious ethnicity), will leave nothing but a failed state, yet again to be captured by some or the other power. We need to win hearts, we need to make sure the youth that has diverted from their path come back to what is needed for the development of the till now economically under developed state. When people from the valley come to Delhi, Mumbai and earn for their livings, our hopes rise. Hopes that a time may come, when Kashmiris will get that being with India is in their best interest.

Bulk of Kashmiri money is parked in New Delhi as real estate. But whether it is the PDP, Hurriyat, or the National Conference, all are equally corrupt. The hopes will come after ASSPA is repealed and the youth there are motivated. We need to motivate them that earning and making a living will help THEM turn the valley of Kashmir for it has always been known for. The ethos of it lies in its multi -ethnicity. Throwing stones, running after killing the jawans, WOULDN’T HELP. Same way, killing the innocent by the Jawans without being accountable for it WOULDN’T HELP EITHER.

The solution lies in finding the matching the frequency, the solution lies in winning hearts, the solution lies in economic development, the solution lies in building a trust : between Kashmir and the Union, between the locals and the Army, between the people of Kashmir and the people of India. Let’s help them gain the lost trust, not by abusing, but by motivating.


She – a woman


I just wanted to thank you for looking after me so well. Even though am not yet born. I know you try harder than even superman – you don’t even let her have that sour tamarind. But I need to ask you a favor.

It’s about boys. Because, you see, I’ll be born a girl, which means, that by the time I am 14, the boys in my class would have called me a whore, a bitch, a cunt, and many other things. It’s just for fun – of course. Something which boys do, and you won’t worry… And I understand that. Perhaps, you did the same when you were young… trying to impress some of your friends. Am sure you didn’t mean anything by it. Still, some of the people won’t get the joke. And finally enough, it’s not the girls – It’s the boys.

So by the time I turn 16 a couple of the boys would have smocked their hands inside my pants while I am so drunk I can’t even stand straight. And although I say no- they just laugh. It’s funny right?

No wonder I am raped when am 21. 21 and on my way in a taxi driven by the son of a guy you went swimming with every Wednesday. The guy who always told insulting jokes. But those were jokes… and so you laughed with them too. Had you known that his son would have raped me you would have told him to get a grip… But how could you know? He was just a boy, telling weird jokes. And in any case it wasn’t your business. You were just being nice. But his son, raised on his jokes, becomes my business.

Then finally, I meet Mr. Perfect. And you are so happy for me daddy because he adores me… and he’s smart with a great job. He’s just like you. But one day, he stops being Mr. Perfect. And I don’t know why?

Wait. Am I overreacting? One thing I do know I am not meant to be this way. Am raised to be strong and independent women. But one night it gets just too much for him. He calls me a whore. Just like you called a girl from the middle school once. Then another day, he hits me. He calls me a bitch sometimes, but still we are the greatest couples right? I love him.. and Hate him. God am confused. I really don’t know what’s my fault here. And one day he tries to kill me.

Dear Daddy. This is the favor I want to ask. One thing leads to another. So stop it before things begin. Don’t let guys call them whores… Because they are not. And one day a little boy might think it’s true. And a 1000 lies can make a lie a truth.


She is a woman, who gave up her surname to accept her partner’s surname. She is a woman who says nothing while another woman (her mother-in-law) shouts at her.She is a woman who sacrificed her desire to study more and complete her education, because her parents couldn’t afford that. They couldn’t afford because the money was going to be spent on her lavishing marriage party, to save their fake repute. She is a woman who bears the unbearable pain during her periods, hiding it from the society due to the fear of getting “judged”, and still makes the breakfast for her children and husband. She – is a woman. Just another woman.

“She wakes two hours early and takes the pain…

But the credit for her work remains the same!

Incredible pressure to juggle work and family

But why no respect? Coz she ain’t manly!”

India might not be the same land as it used to be anymore, where people found pleasure in watching a monkey dance, but it isn’t surely a country who accepts girl as they are without judging for sure.  In the midst of growing modernity and the rise of “feminism” in this country, there apparently are so much so many problems that continue to thrive – of course for the women.

Khushi – a small 1 month old baby girl – wouldn’t have been alive if her mother had not fought in silence against those loud voices, those pressure words and coercion she had to go through which made her life a living hell.

“Throw her away! Push her off the roof! Kill her! Are you mad? Are you going to give birth to a girl?”

“Why do they do it? They are gods own creation. They look such cute, baby dolls while they are born. How can someone kill them while they are just in the womb.” – Khushi’s mother

Khushi’s mother had exclaimed that her neighbors provoked her to get an ultrasound and abort the child. Though an illiterate women, she knew female infanticide was illegal. More obviously, she knew it was immoral.

Till the girl gets 5-6 years of age, her unconscious mind and experience of a small span has made realize that she is different from the other sex, that the boy she plays with in the evening isn’t the same as she is, that she likes watching her mom dress up for any function while she tries to imitate her putting the clothes around her body like her mother wears a saree, and even tries to imitate her by sitting in front of the mirror, trying on the new maquillage that mommy had bought from the marketplace, though not able to do it perfectly. Her mom then helps her with it and the nail paint – Oh how happy she gets and smiles while seeing herself in the mirror and trying to shy away from her own self. Clearly a girl in India inhibits this quality of “being shy” from a very small age.

She gets happy when her maternal uncle comes home and brings her the best barbie – the barbie that none of her friend had till now. She feels happy and his maternal uncle pulls her and makes her sit on her lap. Little does she know what her uncle has in mind. He hugs her tight and puts pressure over her waist, until she gets irritated and finally says – “Mama dard ho raha.” Little did she know back then- little did she know that behind the loving uncle’s gift and her holding tight was a lusty predator. She only understands this when she gets a bit old – now does she understand what her “mamu” actually had in mind.

“Mama jaise mujhe pakda tha waise bhai ko bhi pakdo na!”

She now enters that time of her life where things change for her. They find changes in there body and a pain every month. Afraid of the blood coming out while in school and the unbearable pain – she thinks that something has happened to her. Only to know from her mother that this is a normal thing and that she will have to bear with this pain every month – every year – till a very long time.

Little does she understand why the neighbor holds her more often, why he brings her gift and tries to kiss her when no one is around. Little does the small brain of her understand why does he touch her. Only till the day arrives when she is out in the ground to play – while he calls her and locks the door from inside – Little does she know that the uncle who had been bringing gifts and chocolates for her had such a pervert mentality and little does she know that this scoundrel will try to haul on her when no one was around.

A girl, if she is raped, cannot say this or raise her voice against. Reason? No one believes her. Or no one wants to believe her. She cries, only to hide her tears, till her mother notices that she is living in silence, not the same little girl she knew, who was jovial more often and used to be lively the whole day. When she asks her, the girl refuses to reply and still remains silent. When after a lot of percussion she tells her what she went through, her mother cries and asks her to not say this to anyone.

When the girl crosses her intermediate, she asks her parents to support her as she wants to become a doctor. Her father, a government servant, refutes and says we don’t have money for it. Little does she know how does the same father have money to spend on her brother for his coaching.

“He hardly studies, cheats to pass, he doesn’t like to study, why does father still spend money on his coaching when he even bunks it to have fun with his friends?”

Her aspirations are drenched. She is forced to attend a local college only to complete her graduation she is least interested in. She is compelled to go to college in the bus, when she had asked for her scooter. “Paise nai hai” was the reply from his father. The same father buys a brand new bike for his son.

While she gets in college, a guy makes her fall in love with her. She falls for the small things he does for her, makes her feel special. He takes care of her, makes her smile, lets her enjoy her life, kisses her, hugs her, listens to everything she says and supports her for her aspiration to get a job and join the corporate world. He takes her for interviews in the final year of college, and stays with her till she gets the job. Things seemed to have changed for her.

Changed only till her parents get to know about the job and that she will have to leave her parents place and stay in an alien state. They deny, refuse and ask her to give up her job. They shout at her when she refuses and ask her

“Who put this in your mind that you could have a job?”

They get to know that their is a guy involved, beat her again, close her in a room, stop her food and ask her

“Yahi karne k liye bheja tha padhne?” 

“Pata nai samaj me kya muh dikhaayenge!”

“Kya zarurat thi muh kaala karane ki? Aise hi maar deti hume?”

She has to leave the job and she is married off to an unknown. Her parents spents way more money for the lavishing marriage- the money he could have spent to fulfill her wish to be a doctor. He spent it for a day’s false repute building. The unknown sleeps with her on the very first night, and has sex with her. She cannot say anything to him, because according to “Indian marriage system”, he now has the official license to sleep with her.

She gets pregnant, only to realize from a forced ultrasound that she has a baby girl in her womb. Her parents-in-law are against it. Her female neighbor and her mother-in-law, asks her to drop the plan of having the baby, they force her to abort. This vicious cycle continues where it started.

There are so many things I want to point out, so much of hypocrisy that prevails in this society. India is a country where people worship Ma Durga and Ma Kali, and ask her for prosperity and a good life. They are same people who have a bad eye on a girl from a neighbor, merely 12. They are same people who judge her when they see her with a boy in college. They are the same people because of whom a girl cannot ask for the sanitary napkins openly in store. They – are the same people who were born out of a women themselves.

Why this hypocrisy? Why should a women suffer, always , like ALWAYS? Who gave us the right to kill a soul before she is even born? Who gave them the authority to kill someone who is sent by the almighty himself? Who gave her the right to sexually assault her when she doesn’t know what does that even mean? Who gave her the right to judge her for the menstruation cycle? It should in fact be celebrated – something a guy can never do – give birth to a baby, keep it in his womb and take care of it for a period of 9 months – taking every pain when she comes out. Who gave us the right to take her aspirations? Who gave us the right to all this?




Violence v/s Non violence.

The ideology of non violence hitherto has been the various battles and and political struggles, also not to forget the independence of various countries, be it India or the Caribbean.

Non violence or “ahimsa” is a word from the past, the times when the 24th tirathankar MAHAVIRA preached JAINISM and hence spread it to the rest of the world. Non violence movements have been very recent to history, with the movements for “lokapal”, an advanced form of the RTI, saw a blend of non violence. But the mere essence of non violence hasn’t been too pragmatic in its implementation and it being adopted by the world. It is due to the fact that these movements put little efforts into bringing their creed to establishment.

This article is basically to make people realize that non violence is actually the cause of violence or the most extent. The ideologies of non violence often are too vague and have an essence of ambiguity that creates an effect which is opposite of what it promises. As a result thus non violence creates the undesirable environment within the society, by the continued repression of powerless, who in his belief and optimism that he can earn things by non violence, often looses his life.

I agree to the fact that albeit violence in any definition is bad. Not that the ideal meaning changes after an intelligentsia speaks of it or promises it being successful, can it be defended. It shouldn’t be a part of how people deal with each other. I believe in a society which is devoid of inequalities where mutual cooperation is the only mantra towards the development of the people as a whole as a community, or rather as HUMANS, but when you take off the real mask behind that of non-violence you’ll realize that all this while this has been the real reason behind all this grinning,against the violence it pretends to oppose.

While most people have a clear idea of what violence is like this “stabbing people, harassment onto death, shooting them, hitting till they die”, the need to is simplify the true meaning behind violence. Okay so then how about stabbing an animal? How about say putting your foot on an ant? Is it violence? NO! Why? Coz they don’t communicate. Clearly there is a need to modify the definition of violence first. There needs to be some distinguishing between violence to a plant, animal and homosapien. Violence needs to be modified enough to be discriminated by economic violence, structural violence and of course social violence. Other area of violence that needs to be distinguished is that being used for self defense. Of course an undefined violence would always mean direct bashing of an individual.

Non violence Is like being not-violent, like not raising your voice against some repression, some oppression, or a particular thing you want by all your will. Even the cops are non violent most of the time. Most of us wouldn’t have encountered into something violent, still some activist, environmentalist or any other “concerned” will come to the locals, the common people to adopt the path of non violence for the social, political or economic unjust. Why don’t they go to those policemen who act violent some times when people are non-violent for a cause?

Non violence has always been defined as a tool for ending the violence, but there have been very less rather no examples of it being successful. This fact that it has not surely deterred violence doesn’t stop the adherents of non violence to again propagate it. On the other hand they claim that non violence has a remarkable track record taking names of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther king JR. as they are the Olympic winners of this non violence competition.

Non violence states that violence is the main reason why violence happens, that violence begets violence. So according to non violence a person can protest, vote, voice , form association and bring out a lighted candle and then go through. The most wicked weapon a person can take is – non violent civil disobedience.

Now since non violence has one stop of action that it can propagate, going through a non violent action to oppose what we dislike, in case of a rape I suppose we need to interpose between the victim and the rapist and talk to him maybe, telling him about life would be much better if you don’t rape people. WHAT IS YOUR COHERENCE IN THIS?  Violence is said to have fuelled violence. I reckon that it is the infallibility to oppose this violence which further paves the way to more violence to take place. We need to demarcate between what we define as being violent and being self defense.

But the story isn’t that simple. I need to emphasize that self defence and hence the violent measures used can turn counter-productive. These situations need to be handled using our practical intelligence, a wit, maybe by talking or physically placing yourself between the antagonists. Now whenever two people fight in a bar, school, class, college, we never start throwing chairs on each other forming groups and turning violent until a rampage takes place, we instead try to pull back the people from the one-on-one so that they calm down.

The essence of the article is at all levels, everywhere in the society, we need to adapt self-defense which discourages aggression in a destructive way. This option is way better than being non-violent. Non violence portrays you as being someone who is weak, cannot stand for what is wrong and has stamped himself to being that part of the society, who see unjust, even take it on themselves, and still remain silent. Non violence is good only when you need numbers in a history paper during your graduation.

Don’t be equivocal or silent to fight against the wrong. Just Stand to what is right.


Humanity versus Religion

(In the light of the recent caustic and egregious erroneous happening in the society, its my contribution towards repairing the atomizing society and bring about serenity and tranquil)

What is religion? First thing that would come to your mind is “GOD”. GOD is a creature, a belief, a human or a superman from the other parallel world, we don’t actually know. But we follow him. If you ask any single person as to why they believe god exist, you’ll get different answers. “IT GIVES US CALMNESS” some say while the others say “WE HAVE FAITH IN HIM BECAUSE WE CAN FEEL HIM”. Most of them say “We don’t know”. I’ll tell you the reason. If you teach a kid from the time he starts grabbing things in is mind, that GOD is the reason he exists, GOD saves us from all the EVIL, and GOD is the reason why you came to the earth (he believes it till he reaches secondary school, believe me!) then its quite obvious that this mindfeeding will find its place in the heart and soul of an individual. It’s like if you thought a child that “GREEN” is actually “BLUE” since childhood, it may happen that he sees green as blue.

WHY AM I TELLING YOU ALL THIS? I’ll come to it. VEDAS are believed to be the most prominent and trustworthy book for the Hindus. Obviously we have lots of manuscript, but when it comes to contradiction of beliefs, the VEDAS wins! This Vedas explains about the origin of 4 prominent “castes” or “varna” from the GOD. The “brahmins” from his mouth,”kshatriya” from the arms, “vaishtyas” from the some where in between, and the “SHUDRAS” from the feet. It is this theory which led to evolution of the “untouchables”. Yes, untouchability prevails in our country since VEDIC times. WHY? Because they evolved from the feet. Whenever you have to pay respect to your elders, you touch their feet, I wonder why.ANYWAYS.

There are myriad, and i mean MYRIAD number of videos on YouTube where you will learn that how this “untouchability” still prevails in our society. Not only this, the small children are infact galvanized to learn that the “dalits” or rather the “harijans” as people say, shouldn’t be touched. Now do you understand the green and blue concept?

Islamic religion is said to have evolved form 7th century AD. But the QURAN says that ISLAMIC RELIGION emerged since the earth came into existence. So according to the QURAN, first RELIGION evolved and then we started talking of humans isn’t it? Or is it simultaneous theory. Even if it is,why would a person not be treated as a “human” first instead of being a person from a particular religion. Also, if Allah created humans, and it was the only religion at that time, why was there any reason to give it a name?



Lets take another example. According to QURAN, Jesus was a messenger who came to spread peace. Then why was their any reason to bring out another religion? Also if JESUS was himself a messenger, and since Islam was the first religion then why this all fuss about a christian can eat pork and a person who is a Muslim cannot? Why does each and every GOD have his/her own set of rules? Can’t he have a common set of guidelines? We are already messed up reading and learning big syllabus and cosmic phenomenons and neutrinos and supernova and black holes and what not! Why is there even a set of rules to decide what I eat, what I wear, OR even whom I love and wish to marry?

People will say that if I don’t wish to believe I shouldn’t, its up to me. Okay fine I won’t, BUT does me not believing eliminate all the fuss, all the violence, all the “gou hatya” and “beef kand” incidences? Will it bring an end to all the people who loose their love just because he/she is from another religion? Does it put to an end to the “dharmik bhavanao ko thess pahunchai isliye hum maarenge” thing? NO! I mean how can it if we keep on believing that “HINDUISM” or “ISLAM” or “Christianity” EVOLVED FIRST? Why can’t people understand that ADAM and EVE were humans first and “Hindu” or “Muslim” later. When will people start believing that an end to all this can only be brought if WE ACT AS PEOPLE, PERSONS or rather HUMANS first? Can you see yourself in a position where you are treated as a “harijan” and not touched because according to some theory you originated from the feet of god, the same feet which helps us to walk, jump, pedal a cycle and WIN RACES of life.1


Different religion in INDIA have their own set of personal laws. For example , The HINDU MARRIAGE ACT says polygamy cannot exist in HINDUISM, but it can in ISLAMISM.
Why can’t we not have a uniform civil code for all the religions? Infact this is what our forefathers ensured in the constitution under the DPSP, a uniform civil code.

I am not saying to give up religion, but all I want is to you all people accept the fact that GOD , if it exists, must have thought us to believe in equality, believe in love and compassion, and most of all, believe in HUMANITY.


Thank you